From the recording The Rose You Wore for Me

Danny Carnahan proves that you can write a song now that sounds like it's been around for a hundred years.  If you aren't familiar with his recordings please check him out - he has a great voice and writes brilliant songs!


The Rose You Wore For Me
When I open my eyes I can see you still
With the sunlight so gay glinting on the quay
All buttons and bows and the bloom of the rose you wore for me
Oh, I swore I’d return as a prince one day
With a ship full of gold for the world to see
Oh, I promised to then though I couldn’t say when that day would be
Now long are the days since we lay in the fields so green
And long are the nights to consider what might have been
And the song of the geese in the wind will call your name
Oh, the mountains just laugh when I turn for home
Never mountains so high or a man so small
Is it hours to the shore or ten thousand miles more beyond recall
Such a fool to believe all the tales they told
Twice a fool just to kiss you and sail away
For they lied when they told of the rivers of gold in America
If a word or a wish could transport me now
I would fly to your arms like a moth to flame
But I’m chained and I’m bound to this cold, foreign ground with none to blame
Does my love warm your heart through the cold, cold night
Does it twine round your heart as the roses grown
Or has love burned away’ leaving ashes as gray and cold as stone