From the recording Sleepless Sailor

When I heard this song on Kate Rusby's album "Sleepless" I just fell in love with it.  Don't have a clue what it is about - but I found it very soothing nontheless.  If you haven't heard Kate sing, make sure you check her out - her voice is phenomenal!


The Sleepless Sailor
I once was a sailor, a young man and braveLa da dum day, la da dum deeMy nights were once sleepless,My peace I did craveCarry me home to the sea
Chorus:La da dum day, la da dum deeDrift away sailor boys on the deep seaWorry no more for you're safe now with meRest in my arms and my sweet melodyOne night as I'm stood on the deck in the rainLa da dum day, la da dum deeI heard a sweet voice and she's singing my nameCarry me back to the seaChorus
Oh rock me so gently ye oceans so deepLa da dum day, la da dum deeI wish I was back, cause I think I can't sleepCarry me home to the seaChorus