1. Airdi Cuan

From the recording Airdi Cuan

I learned this song from Kelly Kennedy of the Richmond, VA group "39 Fingers".  It has several variations and is also known by "The Quiet Land of Erin".  In researching, after my CD was printed, I discovered that it does have an author.  It was written by the last Gaelic speaking poet of the Glens of Antrim - Sean McAmbrois, sometime in the mid-1800's.  Originally in Gaelic, several translations exist and I don't know who did this one.


Airdi Cuan
By myself I'd be in Airdi Cuan
Where the mountains stand away
And 'tis there would let the Sundays go
In the quiet place above the bay
agus och och Eire lig is o
Eire leanndubh agus o
Ah, the quiet land of Erin
Oh my heart is weary all alone
And it sends a lonely cry
To the land that sings beyond my dreams
Ah the quiet Sundays pass me by.
I would travel back the twisted years
In the bitter wasted wind
If the Gods above would let me lie
In that quiet place above the wind.